5 Free Online Resources for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Knowledge is power. For a business, knowledge can mean a serious advantage. But, not every single sliver of knowledge is useful. If you can find valuable information that can make your product or service better, then you’ve hit gold. So, without further ado, here is your treasure – the 5 online resources that every startup entrepreneur should use. Not only are these resources valuable, they are absolutely free too. Let the treasure hunt begin!


Used by over 1 million users across 30 countries, this is an incredible online resource that is available to entrepreneurs for free. At Sumo, you will find a whole stack of free marketing tools that can help you grow your website and with it, your business. There are tools to build email lists, create forms, pop ups, social media buttons, and much more. With Sumo, you will be able to convert maximum audience into paying customers.


Whether you have a business website, write a blog, or you want to make your social media posts count, keywords are absolutely essential. SEMRush is a powerful keyword research tool that can help you find just the right set of keywords for your industry. If you are a lean entrepreneur, who does not have the wherewithal to spend on marketing and advertising, then you can use SEMRush to make your presence felt on the internet organically.


Hungry for knowledge and skills, but on a tight budget? You can always opt for the free courses on EdX to expand your knowledge base. Just because it’s free, it doesn’t mean that EdX lacks in quality in comparison to other educational resources out there. It hosts courses from top rung universities like UC Berkley, MIT, Harvard, and more. EdX has also forged formal partnerships with university professors, industry stalwarts, and prestigious universities across the globe. This helps in keeping the platform updated, enriched, and always relevant. There is also an online community that encourages entrepreneurs to connect, share their experiences, and learn from each other. Basically, everything an entrepreneur needs to improve their knowledge is available right here on EdX for free.

Google Analytics

You use free Google products for sending emails (Gmail), sharing files (Google Drive), and more. One of the best free tools offered by Google to businesses is Google Analytics. For an entrepreneur, every penny counts. So, whether you are running online advertisements or paying an SEO agency to increase traffic to your website, you can track, measure, and understand the results of your online efforts with Google Analytics. The powerful data-backed feedback will assist you in taking informed decisions that improve your business.

Young Entrepreneur's Council

As a member of the Young Entrepreneur’s Council, you will get access to numerous tools to build your brand. You receive invitations to startup conferences and interesting events. You also get many opportunities to give your brand the media exposure it needs. 
Of course, as part of the community, you also get exposed to a multitude of opportunities to build your professional network and learn from fellow entrepreneurs. YEC even offers discounts on shared working spaces across the US and a free website to the mix as well. There is a lot more to explore at YEC. It is an invaluable resource for every early stage entrepreneur.