• 24 Startup Funding Websites to Help You Beg for Money

    If you don' t have a few hundred grand laying around to get your company started you can always ask your parents.  And when you realize that although they gave birth to you, they don't really believe in you, you can go and ask everyone else.  These websites were made specifically to help you beg for money.  Like a bum begging for change but instead of buying delicious beer, you will just probably waste it on nothing 90% of the time.  What's the worst that can happen though?
  • 5 Free Online Resources for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

    Knowledge is power. For a business, knowledge can mean a serious advantage. But, not every single sliver of knowledge is useful. If you can find valuable information that can make your product or service better, then you’ve hit gold. So, without further ado, here is your treasure – the 5 online resources that every startup entrepreneur should use. Not only are these resources valuable, they are absolutely free too. Let the treasure hunt begin!
  • Here Are Your Top Choices for Accelerators in Texas

    Building a startup from the ground up is hard work. However, with the kind of assistance available to startups today, creating a new business is not as difficult as it used to be. Accelerators, for instance, help startups to get off the ground by providing valuable guidance and access to resources in lieu of equity. Entrepreneurs sign up for a program that typically lasts three to six months. With startup culture blossoming in Texas, there are many accelerator options available to entrepreneurs. Here are the best of them.